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BHN International Textile, Inc.

BHN International Textile, Inc. provides high-quality fabrics of all kinds. We carry Knit, Woven, Stretch, Non-stretch, and Solid & Printed Textiles, available for Retail and Wholesale. We can help with projects on any scale, from Home Deco, o to home sewing to large manufacturing projects. All-natural fabrics are our specialty!

We have textiles for every purpose. Our wholesale stretch fabric can be used for Hoodie, Sweatshirt, loungewear, t-shirts, and workout clothes. We also have a great selection of wholesale woven fabric for all purposes, from dresses to jackets. Our shantung, stretch & non-stretch satin, and retail stretch & non-stretch woven fabrics are all perfect for gorgeous dresses.


Our Fabrics

We also have retail stretch & non-stretch knit fabrics and cotton French terry spandex, jersey spandex for casual wear. Staples like 100% Linen fabric and cotton stretch poplin are high-quality options that can be used for many different garments.


We offer fast delivery via UPS or USPS anywhere in the United States. We are a wholesale company, but we accept trial orders of 5 yards to do samples before a garment goes to production. We also offer special discounts for orders of more than 1000 yards. Our friendly team responds quickly to requests.

Wholesale Stretch Knit Fabric

Wholesale Woven Fabric

100% Linen Fabric

Cotton Jersey Spandex

Cotton Stretch Poplin

Stretch & Non-Stretch Satin


Retail Stretch & Non-Stretch Knit

Retail Stretch & Non-Stretch Woven

Woman Cutting Fabric

We’ve been a family-owned and operated business for three generations, dating back to 1930. The owners, Mike Rafi and Maryam, take great pride in running the business, and we can guarantee the very best in one-on-one customer service. Call or email us today to place an order or learn more about our company in Los Angeles, CA!

Customer Reviews

I had the pleasure of visiting the super nice folks at BHN today. Mike is the owner and is patient and very helpful in my search of heavy linens today. They sell a wide variety of fabrics in apparel and upholstery, and in a lot of colors. 
Normally in the garment district they make you pay a lot more for sample yardage but not Mike! They are so reasonable and best of all they can cut you some on the spot. The minimum for sample yardages is 5 yards and they worked fast to cut what I needed as I was browsing.
Their office is no frills, but the price and quality is really good compared to some of the other fancier guys out there. I definitely prefer Mike's approach. He's been in the biz for 30 years so he knows a thing or two about the ins and outs of the fabrics and how to care for it.
I will definitely be back for more. And I definitely recommend BHN for your fabric needs!


Opening Hours

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Mon - Thur: 9am - 4:30pm
Frit: 9am - 2pm
Sat-Sun: Closed

Contact Us

840 Santee Street 306, Los Angeles, CA 90014

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